1. What are commissions?
Commissions are pictures done for a customer. You choose style, size, content, describe your idea in detail, or leave most of it to me. During work, you will receive previews to see how the picture looks like.

2. How much does it cost and how long will it take?
A simple sketch for example you can get within the same day. An elaborate illustration will naturally take longer. My working price is 80 Euro per active working hour, but the best way is to name your budget and I can estimate what I can do for you.

3. How do I describe what I want?
You can send reference pictures, similar styles that you have researched, or choose one of my works which you like. Text description is possible, but pictures are preferable, even stick drawings will help.

4. How do I contact you?
Please use the e-mail adress above. Skype or facebook is also possible, but I highly prefer email communication.

5. Can I request anything I wish?
You can always ask. Sharing your vision is not always easy, so I can ensure you of my help and discretion. If you request something I cannot do, I also might recommend you artist friends or designers.
Commission requests:

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